May 3rd Southwest Texas Tornadic Supercells

May 3rd kept us in southwest Texas near San Angelo and vicinity. Strong instability, good moisture, high CAPE ad decent shear would set the stage for several supercells. A tornado occurred near Silver, Texas early on as we tried to get over to the supercell. Due to one lane roads and closed roads, we could not make it in time, so we dropped south towards San Angelo and played another supercell that had formed and anchored on a boundary east of Town. It had a very pronounced clears slot with rapid rotation in the mesocyclone, and dropped a quick brief dusty tornado.  As we pushed east near Eola and watched couple brief landspout tornadoes. RFD was wrapping hard to our north and we decided to explore it. A big bowl formed with tons of blowing dirt, and eventually a brief tornado occurred. Soon numerous storms exploded and things became messy and outflow dominant. At this time, we decided to get away from the mess and call it a day. Fun day, a bit frustrating due to closed roads, etc, but another day with supercells and tornadoes is always a good day! Enjoy the pics!


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