Safety Info

We often get questions about safety while chasing storms. This is a great subject, and here at Silver Lining Tours we take safety extremely seriously.

We feel proper safety begins with each of our guides and how we conduct ourselves on the roads. Each guide is instructed on proper driving techniques in order to not put ourselves in unnecessary danger. We promote safe and defensive driving at all times. There are many storm chasers out on the plains on any given day, and always being on the cautious side of driving is what we pride ourselves in.  We have “extra’ drivers to provide breaks for those who have driven long distances each day, thus keeping everyone fresh and alert for rapidly changing road conditions.

Conducting ourselves in a safe manner around storms is also crucial. However, anytime you are around a severe thunderstorm there is inherent risk involved. We will NEVER stop in close proximity to a tornado unless there is a proper escape route. We do not take unneeded risks around a storm and view them from safe distances and safe vantage points. Hydroplaning is a significant risk and by maintaining proper speeds, superb quality tires and excellent van maintenance allows us to maneuver through situations like this safely. You are our #1 priority and we do everything to make sure you are kept safe.

During our orientation meeting we conduct on arrival day, we provide extensive material for our guests concerning what we ask of you to keep yourself and those around you safe at all times. The last thing we want to happen is someone to get hurt while on tour. We pride ourselves with our safety record and with help from our guests, all tours are conducted in a safe manner which leads to a more enjoyable experience for everyone.