T3: The Great Plains Cyclone Tour

2022 Tour Dates

Tour Length
7 Days
Arrival Day
May 8
First Chase Day
May 9
Last Chase Day
May 15
Departure Day
May 16
Base City
Oklahoma City

2022 Tour Price – $3,000



The Great Plains Cyclone Tour is one of our most popular. Between the time of the year and the locations we usually chase in, this one offers a bit of everything. Moisture is usually getting quite good by this time of May, and the jet stream is quite active, providing storm chasing opportunities anywhere from Texas to South Dakota (hence the name “Great Plains” Cyclone Tour). A diverse landscape can make a photogenic storm quite pretty. Tornadoes often abound during this period as well. We catch a storm system coming out of the Rocky Mountains and stay with it across the plains, usually to about the Mississippi River, and can get 2-3 days of intense weather to chase. An amazing period of time!