Roger Hill

Co-Owner and Tour Directorroger-hill

Hello everyone!

I have been chasing storms for over 35 years and am the current GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS holder for witnessing the most tornadoes (over 1000 now!)  by any person in the history of mankind. I lead all scheduled storm chasing tours each year including our Lecture Tour. However, Caryn Hill leads the May Minitour (which is run parallel with Tour #3) and the Photography Tours.

I have been fortunate to be featured on over 50 television programs concerning severe storms, from NOVA’s “Hunt for the Super Twister”, National Geographic’s “Twister Tours” and Twister Chasers”, several Discovery Channel programs, The Weather Channel’s “Storm Stories” and “Full Force Nature”, Travel Channel’s “Tornado Alley USA” and about every network in the US and abroad.

I have a book out called “Hunting Nature’s Fury” coauthored with Mr Peter Bronski, an award winning author. Caryn and I also have a coffee table photography book out called “Chasing Storms, A Photographic Journey”. I love photography and have had my works published in various magazines, calendars and text books around the world. Check out the Outdoor Photographer magazine article we wrote for September, 2012 that covers how to photograph storms.


Expertise is sometimes hard to come by, but Roger Hill’s passion for storm chasing and severe weather forecasting over the past three decades has made him one of the most sought after experts in the field. When broadcasters like The Weather Channel, NatGeo, and The Discovery Channel need someone who can look at a storm and know what it will do, they turn to Roger. He has pursued thousands of storms in his career, capturing the most dramatic video and still photography of anyone in the business.

Roger’s contagious enthusiam and a desire to share his knowledge of weather and nature photography have taken him all over the country. As the co-owner of Silver Lining Tours, Roger works to help others experience what he has experienced over 1000 times — the raw power and beauty of Mother Nature at her fiercest. He says a nearly indescribable satisfaction comes when someone can say about a storm, “I witnessed this.”

Roger says the ability to be in the right place at the right time are the key factors to having a great, adrenaline-inducing experience and to capturing memorable images. He has spent much of his life honing the skills to do that, and passing along his knowledge to others through appearances on dozens of television shows from NOVA to Storm Stories to Tornado Alley USA, and through thousands of tours he oversees from March through October of every year.

His fascination with severe weather began when he was a youngster with the Topeka, Kansas tornado back in 1966. Since then, his passion and enthusiasm has never faltered. Today, he shares that passion not only through storm chasing tours, but by helping to organize an annual storm chaser convention, known as ChaserCon, which was held each year.

When he’s not on the road chasing storms, Roger and his wife Caryn lead expeditions to help people capture the natural beauty and grand vistas of the American southwest. He’s also a published author, an avid bowler, and a man of infinite curiosity about what the next adventure may bring.

You can see Roger’s photography at his website .