Bill Kessler

Tour Guide


Hi everyone!  I went on my first chase in 2005 as a bucket item check off.  Little did I know I have so many buckets to check it off from!  Since that first year, I just can’t let it go.  It’s not just the thrill of the chase, the exploration of the Midwest is pretty cool too.  I’ve been fortunate to be a guide for SLT since 2008 and look forward to going back out every year.  I’m also very lucky to have a wife who doesn’t mind me disappearing for 3 or 4 weeks a year.  Besides being a guide, I try to get out with a friend for some solo chasing.  What do I like most about chasing?  The storm structures!  Sure, a tornado rush is great, but admiring the amazing structure of these storms is what leaves lasting memories.  What do I like most about SLT?  Well, it’s a tie between the family like atmosphere of each tour, and Roger’s enthusiasm for EVERY storm we see.  While I’m not chasing, I get my adrenaline fix as Fire Chief and Paramedic for the Town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts.  Hope to see you out on tour next season!