Prime Time Minitour

2025 Tour Dates

Tour Length
4 Days
Arrival Day
May 24
First Chase Day
May 25
Last Chase Day
May 28
Departure Day
May 29
Base City

2025 Tour Price – $1,900

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The NEW Prime Time Minitour!!!!!

Our NEW Primetime Minitour is offered for those who can’t get away for a week or longer, but still want to chase during the peak of severe weather season. This is a shorter version of our immensely popular Tour #4 Prime Time tour! Moisture is usually getting quite good by this time of May, and the jet stream is quite active, providing storm chasing opportunities anywhere from Texas to South Dakota. A diverse landscape can make a photogenic storm quite pretty. Tornadoes often abound during this period as well. We catch a storm system coming out of the Rocky Mountains and stay with it across the plains, usually to about the Mississippi River, and can get 2-3 days of intense weather to chase.  Based in Denver, Colorado and led by Caryn Hill, you’ll hit the ground chasing for 4 days across the southern and central plains states as supercells and all associated severe weather often occur in this region. This tour is run parallel to Tour #5 and will often team up with Roger Hill and the group.