Brad Nelson

Meteorologist and Tour Guide


Hello weather fanatics!  As an avid storm chaser, I have been roaming the Plains in search of supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes since 2007.  I’ve seen well over 100 tornadoes in my lifetime, as well as everything from gigantic hail, intense lightning and wind, flash flooding and incredible thunderstorm features.  If you would like to check out my storm chasing website, complete with photos, videos and chase logs go to  In addition, I have had the opportunity to be a cast member in the reality television show, ‘Twister Sisters’, which aired on WE TV in the winter of 2007-2008, and as a consultant for the production of ‘Tornado Road’, which aired on The Weather Channel.

I am a Senior Meteorologist for the private sector weather company DTN, and part of the PGA Tour on-site meteorologist team.  We are primarily at these tournaments for lightning and severe weather safety but also to produce forecasts, provide consultation, and assist with weather evacuations.

I have been a guide for Silver Lining Tours since 2010; something I very much enjoy.  It’s very rewarding and fun for me to share my knowledge and passion for weather with our tour guests from all over the world.  If there is anything that I can do to help make your chase trip more fun and enjoyable please let me know.  Now let’s get out there and capture some storms and tornadoes!