Michael Goldfarb

Tour Guide

Hello storm chasers! My atmospheric adventure started May 2017 as a guest on one of the tours. Although it isn’t guaranteed, I was able to catch my very first tornado, a small “elephant trunk” on the ground for a few seconds outside Enochs, Texas. From that moment, I was sucked in and captivated by what mother nature could produce. I started driving/guiding for SLT in 2020 even with the set back from Covid-19. Being born and raised in New Jersey, driving through the Midwest, northern plains the southern portion of the US is always a great aspect of driving as every turn has something new to offer with awe inspiring views. The most epic/greatest day I’ve had with SLT, when I was driving on the very first day of the 2021 season and catching a 6-tornado outbreak in Texas. Words can’t describe the rush of seeing one after the other as the chase never ended. I am an “on-the-job trained” guide/driver for SLT with a master’s degree in Cyber and Homeland Security Studies with a concentration of Terrorism. When I’m not on the road driving for SLT, I am a full-time police officer in New Jersey, and a Canine Search Specialist with my K9 partner Bronson, a live find Belgian Malinois, for Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) within the FEMA National Response System. I’m a United States Marine Corps Veteran serving in OIF in 2004 with other deployments to central and South America. Guest safety, calm under pressure, and staying cool are key attributes you’ll see if I’m lucky enough to guide for you.