T8: Rolling Prairies Lecture Tour

2023 Tour Dates

Tour Length
6 Days
Arrival Day
June 17
First Chase Day
June 18
Last Chase Day
June 23
Departure Day
June 24
Base City

2023 Tour Price – $2750

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Silver Lining Tours co-owner Roger Hill is proud to lead a newly introduced expedition, the “Rolling Prairies Lecture Tour”. Held in the latter part of June. This tour takes advantage of the active severe weather regime that is in place during this time across a vast region of the northern U.S. and southern Canada. Fueled by tropical moisture that has typically flooded inland from the Gulf of Mexico by late June, the tornado season is entering its prime from the Dakotas and southern Canada eastward into the upper-Midwest. On this adventure you are likely to encounter fewer storm chasers, enabling you to enjoy in relative privacy the serenity of the open prairie land and the severe thunderstorms that frequent this region.

This tour is 6 days in length, providing enough time to traverse this storm-rich region of the North American Plains while learning from one of the most intuitive and well-versed storm chasers in the world, our very own Roger Hill. Roger has a strong talent for distilling the essential physical principles from the complex science of meteorology and presenting them in a logical, easy-to-understand format, giving you practical knowledge that you can apply on your own. Learn storm chasing and forecasting skills from Roger while chasing down the monstrous storms of the northern prairies as spring becomes summer. If you want to chase the wide open northern prairies and learn from one of the most dynamic storm chasers in the world, put this tour at the top of your list.