Shaun Piegdon

Tour Guide

Hello, my interest in severe weather started at the age of 3 staring at black clouds coming over the Rockies and Pikes Peak in Colorado.  I asked my mom for a rain gage.  It escalated to weather books and barometric pressure readers.  That wasn’t enough.  I asked my parents for every tornado VHS tape that was available in the 80’s.  I saw the Cordell, Oklahoma tornado, (credit Neal Rasmussen).  I said to myself, “I have to see one of these in person.”  It wasn’t until I moved to Oklahoma in 1997.  Two years later I witnessed one of the strongest, long-tracked tornado that was on the ground for an hour and a half.  The May 3rd, 1999 tornado was my first tornado I would have a close encounter with.  Since then, my passion for chasing storms ignited.  I took weather, science and photography courses at the University of Central Oklahoma.
My passion for photographing supercells and tornadoes became my mission and my purpose, and over twenty years later, I’ve continued that passion.  I was published in a news article, by APNEWS on October 9th, 2020., after chasing hurricane Delta.
Supercells are living, breathing creatures that have life-cycles just like us.  It is my wish that you will enjoy sharing in the experience of witnessing mother-nature’s fury and her true beauty.