In the Media

Publications and TV Programs We’ve Been Featured In

June 8, 1998: U.S. News and World Report feature article.
June 15, 1998: NBC Nightly News feature piece.
June 2, 1999: Maxim Magazine.
June 13, 1999: San Diego Union-Tribune (section F – Travel) feature article entitled Riders on the Storm
June 15, 1999: The Discovery Channel’s Inside Twister Week! The B.B.C filmed two tornadoes with our tours during this episode.
June 28, 1999: The B.B.C who produced The Discovery Channel’s Inside Twister Week aired a similar show in the United Kingdom.
October, 1999: Featured exclusively in the October issue of Money Magazine
January 20, 2000: Featured in USA Today’s Travel Guide
June 4, 2000: We were the Headline story in The Wichita Eagle.
June 20, 2000: Featured exclusively on The Fox News website with our footage from the May 11, 2000 tornadoes, north of Waterloo, IA
December 10, 2000: A Fox News article on our 2000 tours.
March 3, 2001: Featured exclusively in the London Times.
March 25, 2001: National Geographic Societies special on “Twister Tours”, featuring Silver Lining Tours.
September 12, 2001: Featured exclusively on The Weather Channels’ show Atmospheres.
2002 and 2003; Featured on The Weather Channel’s Storm Stories
2004: Featured on National Geographic’s “Storm Chasers” program
2004: We were featured on NOVA’s “Hunt for the Supertwister”
2005: A one hour program called “Tornado Alley USA” on the Travel Channel
2005: Had reporters on tour from 60 Minutes Australia
2006:  Were featured in two episodes on The Weather Channel’s “Full Force Nature”
2007: We had Nippon TV Japan with us to do a show on tornadoes
2008: Live interviews during Hurricane Ike with Geraldo Rivera, Fox News and The Weather Channel
2009: Featured on CNN,  ABC and CBS at various times during tornado season
2010: Conducted numerous live interviews with The Weather Channel
2011:  Conducted Live interview with CNN
2011: Were featured on MSNBC on our tours
2011: Live with Fox and Friends after the southeast US tornado outbreaks in April
2012: An article was written by the Huffington Post featuring Silver Lining Tours
2012: The Sun Times did a great article on our photography
2013:  Roger and Caryn were featured on the Jeff Probst show
2013: Caryn and Roger were featured in Outdoor Photographer magazine on how to photograph storms, tornadoes and lightning
2013: Silver Lining Tours was featured in United Airlines Hemispheres magazine
2014: Caryn’s photography featured in Extraordinary Vision  magazine
2014: The Today Show and the Weather Channel did a segment on our tours
2014: Numerous live interviews with The Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News
2004-2014: Our photography featured each year in Weatherguide calendars and publications
2015: UK Daily Mirror – Our photos featured in article called “America’s Most Apocalyptic Weather in 2014”
2015: The Weather Channel Weather Geeks Show – Discussing storm photography with J Marshall Shepherd.
2015: CNN Talking about Hurricane Patricia with Brooke Baldwin.
2016: The Weather Guide Calendar
2017: The Daily Mail – UK
2017: The Mirror
2017: The Weather Guide Calendar
2018: National Public Radio, The Marketplace
2018: UK Sun Newspaper
2018: QuickBooks Profile
2018: Caryn Hill in Shades of Color magazine
2018: The Weather Guide Calendar

2018: Wired (features Mitch Dobrowner)

2019: The Weather Guide Calendar

2019: Chevrolet Commercial about storm chasing

2020: Numerous interviews from various media sources aired during the season

2020 – 2023: Weatherguide Calendar which featured images of Caryn Hill and Roger Hill

2022 Featured in program at Sveriges Television AB Sweden

Radio Shows

Featured on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered
National Public Radio, the Market Place
630-CHED, Edmonton, AB, CA
99.1-KLOV, Brainerd, MN
WCKG, Chicago, IL
100.5-WYMG, Springfield, IL
RK Radio Network, St. Paul, MN