In the Media

Publications and TV Programs We’ve Been Featured In

June 8, 1998: U.S. News and World Report feature article.
June 15, 1998: NBC Nightly News feature piece.
June 2, 1999: Maxim Magazine.
June 13, 1999: San Diego Union-Tribune (section F – Travel) feature article entitled Riders on the Storm
June 15, 1999: The Discovery Channel’s Inside Twister Week! The B.B.C filmed two tornadoes with our tours during this episode.
June 28, 1999: The B.B.C who produced The Discovery Channel’s Inside Twister Week aired a similar show in the United Kingdom.
October, 1999: Featured exclusively in the October issue of Money Magazine
January 20, 2000: Featured in USA Today’s Travel Guide
June 4, 2000: We were the Headline story in The Wichita Eagle.
June 20, 2000: Featured exclusively on The Fox News website with our footage from the May 11, 2000 tornadoes, north of Waterloo, IA
December 10, 2000: A Fox News article on our 2000 tours.
March 3, 2001: Featured exclusively in the London Times.
March 25, 2001: National Geographic Societies special on “Twister Tours”, featuring Silver Lining Tours.
September 12, 2001: Featured exclusively on The Weather Channels’ show Atmospheres.
2002 and 2003; Featured on The Weather Channel’s Storm Stories
2004: Featured on National Geographic’s “Storm Chasers” program
2004: We were featured on NOVA’s “Hunt for the Supertwister”
2005: A one hour program called “Tornado Alley USA” on the Travel Channel
2005: Had reporters on tour from 60 Minutes Australia
2006:  Were featured in two episodes on The Weather Channel’s “Full Force Nature”
2007: We had Nippon TV Japan with us to do a show on tornadoes
2008: Live interviews during Hurricane Ike with Geraldo Rivera, Fox News and The Weather Channel
2009: Featured on CNN,  ABC and CBS at various times during tornado season
2010: Conducted numerous live interviews with The Weather Channel
2011:  Conducted Live interview with CNN
2011: Were featured on MSNBC on our tours
2011: Live with Fox and Friends after the southeast US tornado outbreaks in April
2012: An article was written by the Huffington Post featuring Silver Lining Tours
2012: The Sun Times did a great article on our photography
2013:  Roger and Caryn were featured on the Jeff Probst show
2013: Caryn and Roger were featured in Outdoor Photographer magazine on how to photograph storms, tornadoes and lightning
2013: Silver Lining Tours was featured in United Airlines Hemispheres magazine
2014: Caryn’s photography featured in Extraordinary Vision  magazine
2014: The Today Show and the Weather Channel did a segment on our tours
2014: Numerous live interviews with The Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News
2004-2014: Our photography featured each year in Weatherguide calendars and publications
2015: UK Daily Mirror – Our photos featured in article called “America’s Most Apocalyptic Weather in 2014”
2015: The Weather Channel Weather Geeks Show – Discussing storm photography with J Marshall Shepherd.
2015: CNN Talking about Hurricane Patricia with Brooke Baldwin.
2016: The Weather Guide Calendar
2017: The Daily Mail – UK
2017: The Mirror
2017: The Weather Guide Calendar
2018: National Public Radio, The Marketplace
2018: UK Sun Newspaper
2018: QuickBooks Profile
2018: Caryn Hill in Shades of Color magazine
2018: The Weather Guide Calendar

2018: Wired (features Mitch Dobrowner)

2019: The Weather Guide Calendar

2019: Chevrolet Commercial about storm chasing

2020: Numerous interviews from various media sources aired during the season

2020: Weatherguide Calendar which featured images of Caryn Hill and Roger Hill

Radio Shows

Featured on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered
National Public Radio, the Market Place
630-CHED, Edmonton, AB, CA
99.1-KLOV, Brainerd, MN
WCKG, Chicago, IL
100.5-WYMG, Springfield, IL
RK Radio Network, St. Paul, MN