Chris Flaunty

Tour Guide

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Chris’s life is an exhilarating medley of diverse experiences. With over two decades in retail photography, a stint in piloting helicopters in the ’90s, and 15 years more recently in the aviation industry with an international carrier, Chris has embraced a whirlwind of professions.

Photography sparked Chris’s journey, refining an eye for detail and creativity. Venturing into the skies as a helicopter pilot kindled a fascination with meteorology along with living on a beef farm and intrigued by how weather shapes agricultural practices.

May brings forth an exciting time for Chris, guiding tours across the USA alongside Roger, with the first tour in 2009.  This annual adventure not only fuels a passion for exploration but also fosters connections from around the world across captivating landscapes.

An embodiment of diverse interests, Chris’s narrative intertwines photography, aviation, meteorology, agriculture, a love for severe weather and travel. Each chapter adds to an already extraordinary journey, showcasing a life shaped by an unyielding curiosity and a zest for exploration.