T2: The Caprock Magic Tour

2025 Tour Dates

Tour Length
7 Days
Arrival Day
May 3
First Chase Day
May 4
Last Chase Day
May 10
Departure Day
May 11
Base City
Oklahoma City

2025 Tour Price – $3,100

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This tour gets its name from the region we usually chase most in during the early May period. The Caprock is an area in west Texas where elevation dramatically changes. A large plateau known as the Caprock increases elevation a thousand feet or more. Therefore when upslope southeastly winds blow, moisture is lifted up the Caprock which helps generate storms. These storms can be quite photogenic and violent, and often do produce tornadoes. Keep in mind this is not the only area we will chase, we will go anywhere, but in early May Texas is often king! Other areas we can chase in include, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico and Arkansas. Early May can produce quite violent tornado outbreaks as well.