Adam Hill

Meteorologist and Tour Guide

Adam has been interested in storms since he saw his first tornado when he was 6 years old. Ever since then, he has had a passion for all things weather and storm chasing. Adam would go storm chasing with his dad, Roger Hill, throughout his childhood. Adam started chasing on his own in 2016. He would take off work any chance he could to chase. He primarily does still photography with some video. When he isn’t chasing storms, he is photographing mountainous landscapes, chasing Northern Lights, and bowling. He is also an avid off-road and hiking enthusiast. Adam served in the United States Navy for 20 years as an Operational Weather Forecaster and Tropical Cyclone analyst. His primary job now is working as an Information Technology Specialist, and owns an IT side business. Adam is married to his wife, Becky, who also has a growing interest in weather and storm chasing. Adam enjoys being a guide for Silver Lining Tours, and one of his favorite places is right in front of gorgeous slow moving sculpted supercell.