T4: The Prime Time Tour

2025 Tour Dates

Tour Length
10 Days
Arrival Day
May 19
First Chase Day
May 20
Last Chase Day
May 29
Departure Day
May 30
Base City
Oklahoma City

2025 Tour Price – $4,200




Our most popular offering, the Prime Time Tour’s name says it all. The last 10 days of May through mid June are climatology speaking the peak of tornado season. This tour always sell out the fastest for good reason. We have seen probably more tornadoes on this tour than any other. With good moisture, instability, shear and lift often occurring in late May, storms and tornadoes are quite frequent (not that they aren’t on ALL the tours!).  Regardless, it is a popular tour and rightfully so! Plus it is the only 10 day tour we offer versus the 6 and 7 day other offerings.