Caryn Hill

Co-Owner and Lead Tour Guide

caryn-hillCaryn Hill has combined her passion for photography with a love of the outdoors to produce an impressive body of work, which includes stunning photographs of tornadoes, lightning, and severe storms. She captures those images during the course of storm chasing tours that she leads with her husband, Roger. She has witnessed over 300 tornadoes in her career!

Caryn got her start with a Pentax K1000 35 mm film camera. She spent many years producing professional quality photographs of quarterhorses for her friends in that industry, and then, one day, Roger let her borrow his Canon 5D Mark II. He never got it back.

Caryn developed a love of digital photography and an expertise in the art of getting the best image possible, even under extreme conditions. The best images, she says, are those that allow the viewers to feel as if they are right there with the photographer.

Although she understands the need for occasional post-image processing, Caryn believes the best photographs come from being in the right place at the right time.  She and Roger specialize in doing just that, using Roger’s uncanny forecasting ability to know just when and where a storm will peak.

Together, they own and run Silver Lining Tours, assisting other photographers and videographers learn the best practices for taking their own awe-inspiring pictures, or just helping people experience the raw power of nature.They also organize photography tours of the Arizona monsoons, canyons and natural areas of the American southwest.

Caryn spends part of every day — morning, afternoon, and evening — outdoors, taking pictures and working on improving her craft. She has referred to herself as a creative perfectionist on a never-ending trek for learning.

Caryn leads the May Minitour and the Photography Tours. She may also be involved with other tours as well. She also leads most of the On Call Tours.

She and Roger make their home in the community of Bennett, Colorado, just outside of Denver.

You can see Caryn’s work at