T6: High CAPE Tour

2023 Tour Dates

Tour Length
6 Days
Arrival Day
June 3
First Chase Day
June 4
Last Chase Day
June 9
Departure Day
June 10
Base City

2023 Tour Price – $2,650 each

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CAPE is an acronym for Convective Available Potential Energy, and by mid June it abounds in the central and northern plains regions. Deep moisture has established itself northward, and with the northward retreating jet stream, areas from Colorado and Nebraska northward into the southern Canadian Prairies are primed for severe weather. Good instability and shear result in violent storms and tornadoes. If you enjoy the northern tier of the US and southern Canada, this is the tour for you! Some amazing storms and tornadoes occur each year in these regions! Throw in the gorgeous countryside and you have a winner!