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June 4th Kansas Tornado Warned Supercells

June 4th had high potential. When Tour 5 and Photo Tour #2 awoke in the morning we felt we had to get into northern Kansas. A very volatile environment was present with 70 dew points, 5000 CAPE, strong shear and lift along an outflow boundary. There ended up being a few very beautiful supercell storms form in northwest and north central Kansas by early evening. Their structure was top notch, lightning superb and hail huge. Both tours enjoyed the long opportunity to photograph, video and just watch the storms as they spun across northern and central Kansas.

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One Response to “June 4th Kansas Tornado Warned Supercells”

  1. Mark C. Simpson July 17, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    I love the weather, always wanted to be a storm chaser. Live in Northwest lower Michigan. We do not experience super-cell thunderstorms or tornadoes. Would love to go on one of your tours next year?

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