Chase Log

May 15th, 2003 Texas Panhandle Tornadofest

This day had tornado outbreak written all over it. An intense upper level low was moving across southern Colorado and northern New Mexico headed for the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Deep tropical moisture was streaming northward with strongly backed surface winds across that region. By mid afternoon storms developed across northeast New Mexico and quickly became severe. Soon other storm developed across the north Texas and Oklahoma panhandles and quickly became supercellular and produced numerous tornadoes. I tool the SLT group to this area and we managed to intercept a rapidly developing supercell south of Boise City, Oklahoma by mid afternoon. This storm produced a beautiful white lit tornado as is narrowly missed Boise City by less than a mile. Soon we were vectored on to another supercell farther southeast by Dave Gold. This supercell also produced a tornado nears Griggs, Oklahoma. By late afternoon another tornadic supercell developed northwest of Stratford, Texas and produced two very large tornadoes. Finally near dark a last supercell developed east of Dumas, Texas and become a tornado monster. Many, many photos of these storms and their tornadoes as shown below.

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