T1: Close Encounters Tour

2019 Tour

Tour Length
10 Days
Arrival Day
April 16
First Chase Day
April 17
Last Chase Day
April 26
Departure Day
April 27
Base City
Oklahoma City

2019 Tour Price – $3,650



Do you like the idea of getting CLOSE to intense supercells, very large hail, high winds and tornadoes, while being safe? If you answer YES to this question, then the Close Encounters Tour is for you! Our main goal on this tour is to get you close enough to a tornado to feel the winds, smell the tornado, see debris flying around, but stay in a safe position while ALWAYS having an escape route! We have done this for several years and have had tremendous success in getting guests up close and personal with nature’s most violent weather! We also will take you inside a core to experience large hail and high winds (but out of the tornadic region of the storm for obvious reasons). There’s a delicate balance between doing this in as much of a controlled situation as you can vs being reckless and driving blindly into a supercell or tornado. We have a great track record of doing this safely and letting you experience what most people will never experience in their lifetime! If this sounds appealing to you, you can sign up using the BOOK NOW button above! (NOTE: We keep this tour smaller to allow safer and faster maneuvering around storms.)


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