Chase Log

April 3rd, 2000 Olney, Texas Tornadoes

The weekend of April 29/30, 2000 proved to be exciting. I was a part of the National Severe Storms Laboratory/Texas Tech University project call MOCISE. Check out this URL for more on this project : We started our missions on Saturday near the Post area and encountered a nice LP supercell. This storm was rooted above the boundary layer and never could quite get its act together. It did produce decent sized hail and exhibited fair structure. Sunday was a very promising day and quickly became a chaser’s delight. We intercepted a tornadic supercell near Crowell. My probe team observed a large “v” shaped partially obscured tornado south of town that was churning up the countryside with numerous power flashes visible. Next we moved to a gorgeous wet classic supercell near the Olney area that produced three confirmed tornadoes observed by the NSSL team. This storm evolved into a huge HP monster and had gorgeous structure.

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