T9: Great North Tornado Hunt

2021 Tour Dates
Tour Length
10 Days
Arrival Day
July 10
First Chase Day
July 11
Last Chase Day
July 20
Departure Day
July 21
Base City
2021 Tour Price – $3750

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Did you know that the North American tornado season often extends through early summer, with a wide swath of territory including the U.S. northern Plains, Canadian Prairies and upper Midwest experiencing a significant amount of severe thunderstorm activity? As the midlatitude jet stream weakens and retreats during latter June into July in the typical year, moderate to occasionally strong westerly winds aloft are sustained across Canada and the northern tier of the USA. Beneath this, warm and humid air often makes forays deep into the U.S. northern Plains and Canada, with low-level moisture (the “fuel” for thunderstorms) often augmented over areas rich with crops and abundant in spring rains/snows. The southerly winds bearing the low-level moisture, superposed by the mid and upper-level westerlies associated with the retreating and weakening jet stream, yields a highly sheared and buoyant atmosphere – one supportive of supercell thunderstorms – on many days. In fact, some of the most spectacular tornadoes the North American prairies have to offer can occur in early-mid summer.

For this reason, we are pleased to offer “The Great North Tornado Hunt”!