2024 Storm Chase Tour Schedule

Browse available 2024 tours below! Please contact us if you have any questions or want to find out about getting on a wait list for a sold out tour.

2024 Storm Chasing Tour Schedule Our 27th Year!


Tour: Arrive Depart Chase Days Base City Cost Availability Notes
T1 Close Encounters Tour April 19 April 27 7 OKC $2950 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
T2 Caprock Magic April 27 May 5 7 OKC $2850 Book Now Only 1 Spot Left!
T3 Great Plains Cyclone May 5 May 13 7 OKC $3050 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
May Minitour May 11 May 16 4 DEN $1650 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
T4 Prime Time May 13 May 24 10 OKC $3950 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
Prime Time Minitour May 25 May 30 4 DEN $1850 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
T5 High Plains Magic May 25 June 1 6 DEN $2700 Book Now Only 2 Spots Left!
T6 High CAPE June 1 June 8 6 DEN $2700 Book Now Only 2 Spots Left!
T7 Sculpted Supercell June 8 June 15 6 DEN $2700 Book Now Only 3 Spots Left!
T8 Rolling Prairies Lecture June 15 June 22 6 DEN $2800 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
T9 Great North Tornado Hunt July 6 July 15 8 DEN $3250 Book Now Only 4 Spots Left!
SLT Photo Tour #1 May 17 May 24 6 DEN $2950 Sold Out Sign up for the waiting list!
SLT Photo Tour #2 June 22 June 29 6 DEN $2950 Book Now Only 2 Spots Left!
On-call Storm Chasing TBD TBD Varies DEN $300/day Book Now Anytime weather permits!

Desert Thunder Tour and Magical Lands Tour

Tour: Arrive Depart Days Base City Cost Availability Notes
Desert Thunder #1 August 4 Aug 11 7 TUC $2500 Book Now 3 Spots Open!
Magical Lands Oct 5 Oct 11 5 GJT $1950 Book Now 2 Spots Open!

Quality is Number #1

Our long history has allowed us to constantly modify our tours so that you, our guest, receives the best experience money can buy! We offer a lot of “little things” that make us stand apart from our competition. Don’t be fooled by those that promise a tiny 3-6 person tour (And we offer MANY of those too!!!) as being better. The experience is what counts and with Silver Lining Tours you’ll walk away with not only a fantastic tour experience but with more knowledge on the mechanics of severe weather (And a copy of our own copyrighted Weather 101 booklet you can use forever!). Give us a try and see why our tours are labeled as “The Atmospheric Adventure of a Lifetime (c)”.

Deposit and Final Payments

When you sign up for a tour, your deposit is due at the time you sign up and submit tour paperwork. A nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit of $700 is required for any tour (And the Desert Thunder tours and Magical Lands tour as well.).  We will send you a secure invoice for the deposit payment. Your final balance payment is due no later than February 1st in the year of your tour.

Available Discounts

If we are not able to witness at least one tornado warned storm during your tour, you will receive a $100 credit towards any future tour! (This does not apply to the May Minitour/Primetime Mini tour due to the short duration of the tour.)

Multitour discount: Book two tours in the same year and receive $100 off each tour price! (Does not apply to the May Mini tour/Primetime Mini tour due to the low cost and short nature of the tour)

Rooming discounts: Room together with your spouse or friend and each of you get $100 discount from your tour price!

Lifetime discount of $50 applies to any tour. (does not apply if using the Multitour discount or rooming discount)

CASH PAYMENT discount of $50 applies if you pay your tour fee by check.

Any refunds given will be charged a $200 administrative/processing fee.


Interested in other types of photography tours?

If you enjoy incredible lightning, red rock, amazing cactus, canyonlands, and a lot of fun, please check out our other website for monsoon storm lightning workshops and slot canyon adventures at Southwest Photography Tours!


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