T7: Sculpted Supercell Tour

2020 Tour Dates

Tour Length
6 Days
Arrival Day
June 13
First Chase Day
June 14
Last Chase Day
June 19
Departure Day
June 20
Base City

2020 Tour Price – $2,550

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If you get excited about the idea of beautiful sculpted “mothership” appearing supercells in the northern plains, this tour is for you! Very deep moisture and usually great instability, coupled with a lifting and weakening jet stream, often result in amazing storm structure. With a jet that is typically weaker than early season, storm motion is very slow, with lots of time to watch a storm form and intensify. Tornadoes are still quite likely in mid June, with some very slow moving and photogenic. Also by this time of the year, we are far enough north and west that you can sometimes have a storm almost to yourself! This tour in 2010 set the all time record for number of tornadoes we witnessed on a 6 day tour with 42!