T5: High Plains Magic Tour

2020 Tour Dates (2019 SOLD OUT!!! Check here for 2019 dates: http://www.silverliningtours.com/2019-tour-schedule/)

Tour Length
6 Days
Arrival Day
May 30
First Chase Day
May 31
Last Chase Day
June 5
Departure Day
June 6
Base City

2020 Tour Price – $2,550

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Early June is a special time in the high plains region. Areas from eastern Colorado through western Kansas, northward through eastern Wyoming, western Nebraska and the western Dakotas produce many extremely photogenic supercells and tornadoes. Good moisture pushed upslope against higher terrain create lift to generate some of the prettiest supercell thunderstorms in the world. With great visibility and beautiful terrain, it is a chaser’s and photographer’s dream!