Mark R

Some people dream of taking a cruise. Others dream of touring through Europe. Even more dream of a tropical paradise to laze about for ten days and maybe do some snorkling.

When I think of a vacation, there is no other choice for me BUT Silver Lining Tours. Continue Reading →

Gavin C.

The Master Class 2004 was my first storm chasing experience, and I am extremely glad that I chose to do this with Silver Lining Tours. I chose the Master Class and Silver Lining because I wanted to understand the awesome storms that roam across the heartland of America, as well as experience them firsthand. The 2004 Master Class gave me both the most extreme weather I’ve ever experienced, and the knowledge to interpret, (and even predict), the intense storms that we saw. Continue Reading →


Quality and professionalism are two terms that come to mind when I reflect on my two tours with Silver Lining Tours, the first on Tour 3, 2000 and the second on Tour 3 of 2002. As an educator, I have taught many students, many of them gifted. Dave is a “gifted” meteorologist. Continue Reading →

Kathy A.

Well, I just cant say enough about SLT and the experiences that I have had. I have been on 2 tours so far with a 3rd planned for this spring!!! I absolutely love everything that this tour offers. The planning, the forecasting by Dave and his team, the chase, and then finally the catch—a real tornado forming before your eyes. No guarantees, but when you do get one, what a rush!!!!!!!! I cant say enough about Silver Lining Tours!!!

Claire B.

I started chasing with Silver Lining tours in 2000, booking a tour as a ‘one-off’ holiday. Two years and 4 tours later I’m still coming back after getting hooked on the thrilling experiences. Continue Reading →

Bob H.

I would like to thank David and Sean for a very exciting, adrenaline loaded learning experience on tour 2 of 1998. Your ability to forecast, predict and place us on location before a storm arrived was uncanny. Also, your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences, along with your concern for the safety of the tour members was exemplary. The horseback ride in Palo Duro Canyon and your sense of humor were added bonuses.

Sarah G.

I attended tour number 4, on 13th June 1999. Our guides were David Gold, Bill Gargan and Bruce Sherbon was doing the photography/video. Being from England, my expectations were high but I was not disappointed. I felt totally safe at all times, the guys really know their stuff. Continue Reading →

Christina M.

I can’t imagine any other vacation adventure that would leave me with the kind of memories and knowledge as did my tour with Silver Lining in June of 99. David and Bill were consistently accurate, professional, and responsive to the needs and interests of all group members, as well as a lot of fun! Continue Reading →

Jeff B.

I chased with Silver Lining Tours in 1999 and quickly realized they will travel wherever necessary to see picturesque and beastly storms. Returning in 2000 as a “tour veteran,” they again did not disappoint. Eight states and 5,000 miles later, we had seen tornadoes on three different nights. No other chase tour offers so many seasoned, experience chasers. And what’s more – they do all the work! You just sit back, ride and enjoy the show…and what a spectacular show it was!

Sean E.

Wow, wow, wow, what a super adrenaline rollercoaster storm chasing holiday it was. I joined David and the rest of his team on Tour 3, 1st June 2000. Want to see supercells, mesocyclones, golfball hail etc, you will in no doubt do so. Continue Reading →