Mark R

Some people dream of taking a cruise. Others dream of touring through Europe. Even more dream of a tropical paradise to laze about for ten days and maybe do some snorkling.

When I think of a vacation, there is no other choice for me BUT Silver Lining Tours. I have chased twice with Roger Hill and I can tell you, there is no other vacation like it. You get to see the central United States in a way that few people ever get to do. Experience the wonder of endless skies, marvel at amazing geologic formations, pass through tiny little towns with names like Bill and Home On The Range. Have dinner at the famous “J&J’s Snack Shack” in Jordan, Montana while waiting for storms to develop. Stay at comfortable hotels at night.

Learn the atmosphere from Roger Hill. See enormous thunderstorms sprout from unseen boundaries…then learn how to see them! Learn the dynamics of supercell formation in the morning, then witness the cumulus explosion late that afternoon. See the storm develop, experience the pounding of hail on the roof of the van, see the storm build and develop on the Baron weather system right there on the computer screen at the front of the van. Witness the updraft base as it slowly rotates, dragging the rear-flank downdraft around it to cut in and form an occlusion. See a rotating mesocyclone develop, and see the beautiful shelf cloud develop as the storm becomes outflow-dominant. Watch the detonations of lightning in the night sky, flashing and arcing while the insects chirr in the field next to you. Bring your video camera and bring back memories that no one will complain about watching! Though I did not get to see a tornado on my first two times out, I experienced things that opened my eyes, ears and heart. Hige sculpted supercells.

Gustnadoes. Intense lightning at sunset in Montana, storm clouds backlit to reveal browns, reds and oranges amid the frequent bolts.

Massive hail in Minnesota. An amazing lightning display in South Dakota, and another in Nebraska. Chasing a fast-moving MCS through North Dakota. Twin monster supercells in Texas. A high-based rotating storm in Colorado riddled deep with mammatus. A wet microburst in South Dakota. The lifecycle of a supercell in Colorado. It is the ultimate vacation for the nature enthusiast. It’s not relaxing…it challenges you on a