Claire B.

I started chasing with Silver Lining tours in 2000, booking a tour as a ‘one-off’ holiday. Two years and 4 tours later I’m still coming back after getting hooked on the thrilling experiences. Not only the viewing of supercells, tornadoes, lightning and large hail, but also learning so much from the guides about meteorology and what is involved in the forecasting before/while chasing. I’ve learnt much more from them in the past couple of years than I’d ever expect to absorb from a classroom environment. Tour 6, June 2002 was my 4th and most definitely my best tour so far. With the combined effort and knowledge of guides Roger Hill and Scott Landolt, I felt completely awed as I witnessed 9 beautiful tornadoes in South Dakota on the first day. (At the target area predicted by Roger that morning!) All the time feeling that I was safe in and out of the van, with the knowledge I could trust Roger’s judgment of the approaching tornadoes and Scott’s driving skills to keep us at distance, while still providing us with the best view point. This also gave me the opportunity to shoot some amazing video and photographs! Certainly an experience I wish to relive again, so I have no doubt that you will be seeing me back on the high plains next year!