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May 6th East Central New Mexico Supercell

Wasn’t expecting much this day with low 50s dewpoints and modest shear, but ended up catching a decent supercell that lasted several hours. It had fairly good structure, produced a pretty gustnado and quite a bit of lightning near dark.

May 7th Central Kansas Supercells

May 7th had that typical early May feel in Kansas, with one exception, lack of moisture.  Shear was fantastic, as well as a boundary for storms to fire on. By late afternoon one supercell formed that would be the storm of the day. It survived for about 7 hours and produced insanely beautiful structure, great lightning and copious amounts of hail. Had the dewpoints been in the 60s instead of mid 50s, it would likely have become violently tornadic. A fun chase and one of the prettiest storms of 2013 for me!