Which tour offers the best chance of seeing a tornado?

The odds are the same for any tour of a given duration. As discussed above, the amount of storm activity that occurs during any given tour is a function of the weather pattern that happens to be in place during that tour, something that is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to forecast more than a week in advance. Therefore, which tours are destined to see the best storms and tornadoes is a total crapshoot. As mentioned above, even those tours that have suffered under particularly uncooperative weather patterns have still managed to witness severe thunderstorms and tornadoes! The climate and unique geography of the U.S. dictate that the most frequent severe thunderstorm and tornado activity will occur during that period of time from April through July. The very peak of this season occurs during the period from early May to late June. Therefore, we simply take that peak period and divide it into more-or-less equal chunks of time. We have 6-day tours during the late spring and early summer when severe storm activity has a tendency to be more frequent thereby making shorter tours less risky than they would be earlier in the season. Nevertheless, the longer your tour, the higher your odds of seeing something. In fact, the very best way to maximize your probability of seeing tornadoes is to join two or more of our tours consecutively (which garners a sizable multi-tour discount). Each year, a couple of die-hard storm fans do just that and in every case, it pays off!