How do you determine the length of your tours?

After 23 successful years of tour operation, we have become convinced that seven to ten days is the optimal span for each tour – long enough to see good storms but short enough to fit into a typically busy, vacation-starved schedule. We also proudly offer a slate of tours that are 6-days in length during the early summer when, as mentioned above, storm activity tends to be more frequent due to the seasonal establishment of a very warm and humid regime over the northern and high plains where residual mid-altitude westerlies still blow. These shorter duration tours tend to make a storm chasing adventure tour more practical for people with limited vacation time. The atmosphere is a constant flowing and moving environment with ridges of high pressure bringing sunny days and troughs of low pressure bringing stormy conditions. Nearly every tour has down days. It is unavoidable. Thus always remember you rarely chase every day of any tour, but the longer you are out chasing, the greater the success rate is.