Chase Log

June 4th, 2002 Lubbock, TX INCREDIBLE Supercell

All I can say about this storm is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Early convection almost destroyed this day. A line of severe thunderstorms developed (totally outflow dominant!!) and produced awful outflow. This outflow was very slow to modify. A triple point was situated southwest of Lubbock and our only hope was for new convection to develop later in the afternoon near the triple point, once the air had a time to modify. A tornado watch was also in effect. Due to the slow modification of the outflow boundary air, this storm could not produce a tornado. If only it had been a few degrees warmer and moister!!!!! Nonetheless, this was probably the prettiest supercell of the year. It started out as a skinny LP storm and morphed into a gorgeous classic that produced 80 mph wind and baseball sized hail.

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