Melanie H.


That word encompasses my experiences with Bill Gargan and David Gold on their Silver Lining Tours’ Master Class 2005.The icing on the cake was definitely seeing no less than 16 spectaculor tornadoes!!! But the icing didn’t take away from the rest of the cake! The Master Class is structured to be educational and believe me, it most assuredly is. I learned so much from Dave’s impeccable teaching and vast oceans of knowledge that I have been actually making my own forecasts! Despite the fact we had very little extra time due to the active weather pattern, Dave and Bill came through for us. They MADE the time to teach and I want to say thanks guys!!! We learned so much and got to see a record number of fabulous tornadoes too! I highly recommend Silver Lining Tours if you are interested in storm chasing, learning, excitement, the time of your life and making new friends you will
never forget. Sign up NOW!!!