John DeLong

As a first time chaser I researched the many tour companies online for hours. I had heard of Roger Hill and his team several times on the weather channel and internet. I knew they had a great reputation and after some very personable and professional emails from Roger himself i decided they deserved my business and I deserved their expertise. I was extremely thrilled with my experience on tour #3 in May of 2009. Our tour was given a horrible weather pattern that made storm chasing almost dead in its tracks. Roger and his team were extremely honest about this from the start. The part I was most impressed with was that even though we were not given much by mother nature, Roger still steered on every single day to whatever possible storm we could find and that is exactly what we did. We saw amazing storms that had huge hail, lightening, wind, and amazing cloud formations. I was still able to shoot over 250 pictures worth keeping and had a great time as well. Though we saw no actual tornados a couple were close all the way up to rotating clouds RIGHT ABOVE US. That was amazing! I must say that the best thing was how the SLT team never gave up. During our time in the van which is where you will spend most of your time, they were always quick to point out sites and let us in on any info surrounding our tour. I felt as if they wanted to always make sure we were in it with them and not just following along. It was really cool how they kept it interesting and not boring. It was also great that our hotels were nice and clean after a long day of chasing. I cannot wait to book again and I would never even consider another company. Thanks SLT!