Jessica Burrows

I decided to start a bucket list, and at the top was to see a tornado. Living in Australia really meant that wasn’t possible, so I started to do my research and with each and every  mouse-click and comparison of tour company’s I did, Silver Lining (and Roger & Caryn Hill)  kept coming up trumps. I’m so glad I chose to go with Roger & Caryn and will not hesitate to recommend them to others. The knowledge that they have of severe weather and the planning that they put into each day is self-evident and amazing! Whilst I am thrilled at the mentorship that Caryn provided, the value of this trip can’t be measured in photos alone. The conversations on the drives each day and around the dinner table, shared experiences in the field, mateship and the lifelong friendships made, that’s what makes these tours so very special. The team at Silver Lining Tours know how to put together a truly amazing and life-altering trip, and I was instantly hooked!  The locations, the guides and the photo stops were truly top class.  Even better, this dynamic duo are genuinely talented, humble and helpful. The trip to really had it all.  Stunning storms, wonderful accommodation, excellent and knowledgeable guides, and a small group of strangers who have now probably become lifelong friends with a common passion.  The companionship, laughter, and fun could never be underestimated. Book a tour, you will not be disappointed.