Jacquie K

Having been touring with Roger and Caryn Hill over a dozen times since 2003, all I can say is WOW! If there is severe weather anywhere in range, Roger will get you there. Roger makes a point to conduct a “Weather 101” class most mornings, so I have learned SO much about the weather and why certain things (like tornados) happen. All the guides are also very knowledgable about the weather, too, and love to talk about it while you are in the vans. I have never felt in danger and have always enjoyed Silver Lining Tours every time. I love having the opportunity to see amazing supercells, haboobs, hail and more. And I have always enjoyed meeting all the other severe weather enthusiasts on every tour.  I can’t even explain how much fun it is to spend time with other like-minded folks and I have made many long-term friends from my tours. We always stay in nice hotels, eat a lot of gas station food and even some really nice meals on down days. I have seen SO much of the midwest – from New Mexico to Mississippi and from Canada all the way to south Texas, So much to see even if Ma Nature is not producing any storms. I highly recommend Silver Lining Tours to anyone who wants to experience all kinds of severe weather with great views of the midwest.