Harry O.

Our storm chasing trip with SLT was a very special week for both my friend & I . Our wives bought us the trip as a joint 40th-birthday present. In choosing a tour group, we narrowed it down to four, then picked SLT after viewing their excellent videos from years past. Being storm enthusiasts, but not weather experts, we weren’t sure what to expect on this tour. I was pleasantly surprised to find a diverse and fascinating group of people. The relationships I made on this trip have continued throughout the summer, and I hope to maintain some of them indefinitely. The entire week was fun, and although we didn’t see any confirmed tornadoes, I witnessed three funnel clouds and several amazing supercell formations–unlike anything that I have ever seen in my years of storm stalking here in the Midwest.

Our tour leaders (Roger Hill and Carl Young) were exceptional. They honestly strived to get us into the best position to see storms each day, and were constantly instructing us on all of the parameters involved in making these critical decisions. We never felt like we were out of the loop, and they did an excellent job at making everyone feel comfortable throughout the trip. I was impressed with their level of experience, fascinated by their incredible storm stories, and appreciative of their efforts to give us the best trip possible.

Before the trip, I never knew how popular SLT was with The Weather Channel. After returning and seeing them pop up on various episodes of Storm Stories, as well as the live phone interview with Roger Hill during the June 24 tornado breakout, I realized how important their storm chasing roles are. I consider it a privilege to have been able to spend a week with them, and plan on doing it again next year. I won’t pursue trips with any other tour companies, because SLT proved they are the best.