Hello, my storm-lovers. It is hard to put into words how THRILLING Silver Lining Tours was for me on the 2000 #3 Tour even though I did not see a tornado. However, even though I did not officially see a tornado, I witnessed the BEST AWESOME POWERFUL storms of my life!! Since I am from Southern California, it means that I forget what lightning

looks like and what thunder sounds like, and the word “supercell” is foreign here. So, when I saw a “mothership” Supercell on June 3 over the beautiful Plains, I felt like I died and went to heaven. This beast of a storm provided lightning every second for four hours straight while we chased it in two states.

I want to thank Dave Gold and guides for their hard work on the tour. Friends, I can give you my word that Dave is a fearless hard working storm chaser that won’t sleep if he has to, just to be able to gather the most correct data, so that he can get you in the best position to show you the most AWESOME POWERFUL storms the Plains have to offer! I can’t wait to go again!