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Colorado August/September 2009 Lightning

Below are some images taken from my house during the month of August and early September. During our typical monsoon season, July and August provide some great lightning photography opportunities. A couple of the shots towards the bottom of the page had a rain drop or two on the lens and thus came out blurred on those spots.

August 7, 2009 Sturgis, South Dakota Hailstorm

August 7th looked like a decent setup for western South Dakota. Good shear and moisture, moderate instability and strong lift would help fire off several supercells, including the Sturgis storm. We followed that storm from the time it passed Sturgis until it died near Murdo well into the night. It left behind a path of massive hail damage. It also injured numerous bikers and caused millions of dollars in damage at the Sturgis Bike Week Rally.