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July 29 – August 12 Desert Thunder Tours

Each year, in conjunction with our sister website, www.southwestphotographytours.com, we spend 2 weeks in Arizona conducting our popular Desert Thunder Tours. We keep these as small one van tours, with 6 guests. The Arizona monsoon season peaks in July and August, with southern Arizona receiving the brunt of the thunderstorm activity. We had a very successful monsoon season in 2017, with storms on 75% of the days! We travel anywhere we believe the most intense, and pretty, storms will occur.  We spent time in southeast, southern and central Arizona, and even in southwest New Mexico. We photographed storms over Saguaro National Park, Kitt Peak, the desert floors, Sedona, Cathedral Rock, the Chiricahuas, the Superstition Mountains and many others. Some of the most spectacular lightning in the country occurs here each season! Below are many photos of the events we captured while on tour this season. We hope you enjoy the photos and we hope to see you with us on tour in the years ahead!

August Monsoon Storms

After our storm chasing tours are over, we head to Arizona to run our monsoon storm tours and workshops. You can find these at our www.southwestphotographytours.com website. Here are some of the incredible images we had this year, including a tornado near Wilcox, AZ! We get a lot of guests from our Silver Lining Tours family that come on our monsoon storm tours, which are called “Desert Thunder”. We’d love to have you! Check them out on our other website.



August 19-25 Flagstaff, Arizona Lightning – Northern Arizona

Here is a select group of images taken during our second photography workshop tour in northern Arizona. Between the insanely gorgeous landscape and the storms/lightning, it was an amazing week of photography! Please click on an image if you would like to see a larger photo. You can also find out more about these tours at www.southwestphotographytours.com , which is our other tour website.

The Desert Monsoons of August

Caryn and I were fortunate to spend a few days in Arizona to film the monsoon storms. Well, I filmed, she shopped, but did film the beautiful cactus in bloom. Check out some of these photos for what the deserts have to offer in late summer. Magnificent place! A photographer’s delight! This will be a VERY LONG page, so be prepared!

August 10-17 Tucson, Arizona Lightning

Each year we run two workshop tours for monsoon storms and landscapes. One is based in Tucson and the other in Flagstaff,, Arizona. Here are several images taken during the first tour, from Tucson. It was an amazing 8 days for nonstop storms!! Please enjoy the photos and click on any if you would like to see a large one.  You can also find out more about these tours at www.southwestphotographytours.com , which is our other tour website.

Late August Northern Arizona Lightning

Late August continued our monsoon storm lightning tours, as evidenced by the many images below. If you want more information on our High Desert Thunder tour (or our other southwest tours) check out www.southwestphotographytours.com . There are also a couple landscape images taken on this tour, including Grand Falls (the Chocolate Niagra), which is a very rare sight!

August 13-20, 2011 Arizona Monsoon Storms

Our annual trip to Tucson resulted in some great lightning from numerous storms, almost everyday. This year we tied in some slot canyon exploration with the monsoon adventure, before and afterwards. A couple select shots are shown below. Enjoy!!!

July 25 through August 3rd, 2008 Arizona Monsoons

This was our annual Desert Thunder tour for Silver Lining Tours, and it did not disappoint. Several days, we had intense storms developing off the mountains and moving over the lower deserts, providing wonderful electrical displays.

July 21st – 26th, 2007 Tucson, Arizona Monsoon Trip

What a fun week this turned out to be! Our tour company, Silver Lining Tours, is going to operate a new tour called Desert Thunder in 2008. So, my wife Caryn and I, along with our good friend Alister Chapman headed to Tucson to film the monsoon storms. We were NOT disappointed! During an active monsoon, as this was, storms formed daily off the higher terrain east of south of Tucson, then propagated and rebuilt on thunderstorm outflow winds, on the desert flatlands. These storms a extremely photogenic, producing intense lighting, haboobs (dirt storms, some QUITE dangerous as you will see below), and flash flooding. This turned out to be one of my favorite NON-tornadic ventures of the year.