Lately I notice several new tour companies coming out of the woodwork. How can I tell whether they’re legit?

Although this subject has already been touched upon in the previous Q&A points above, the recent proliferation of storm chasing tour companies warrants special attention to the matter of choosing your company carefully.

Any venture perceived as being successful will inevitably attract a good number of charlatans and fraudsters and that may be happening in the fledgling storm chasing tourism industry as well. As a storm chasing enthusiast seeking the experience of your dreams, choosing the wrong tour company can have very unpleasant results. It pays to do your research and choose wisely. However, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff because some of the most deceptive owners have cloaked their operations with a neat veneer.

Webster Dictionary defines an expert as “one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject”. A few companies in our industry are bandying this term with aplomb, when in fact not one single individual affiliated with the organization in question satisifies the criterion in any way, shape or form!

We at Silver Lining Tours can rightfully tout our expertise because the people making the day-to-day decisions about where to chase, which storm to target and so forth are truly experts – having amassed a body of experience and skills worthy of the label.

So how to tell whether the owners are being truthful? Have a careful look at the listed credentials and pictures, ask for references, compare to other companies and then decide for yourself.

We at Silver Lining Tours, also maintain proper commercial insurance. There are in fact FEW storm chasing tour operators that carry this insurance.