Tim B

I have always been fascinated by severe weather. I’ve wanted to storm chase ever since I saw Roger Hill’s storm chasing tour featured on The Weather Channel back in like 2002. I was hesitant to go since there’s always the chance you won’t see a tornado during your tour. But then again, if I didn’t go, I’d probably go to my grave regretting not experiencing storm chasing. And there are more things to experience in storms than just tornadoes. So I finally made it a reality this year when I went on Tour 3, the 2016 Great Plains Cyclone Tour, and boy, I wasn’t disappointed!!! I had an incredible week, 3 tornadoes on my first day of storm chasing May 9th, core punching a super cell to experience sustained 80mph winds with vivid lightning, hail, hail roar, a haboob and more lightning, lots of lightning! Roger and his tour guides are the friendliest people, helping you to understand what’s going on and why the atmosphere is doing what it does. Roger was always willing to explain anything you want to know about weather. I came away understanding so much more about storms and what meteorologists look for to predict severe weather and tornadoes. Roger always made sure we had nice accommodations for the night and helped us to enjoy the “down days” when nothing exciting was happening. I enjoyed hanging out with Roger and his guides! (Ask Roger about his bowling. He’s got game!) For those 7 days on the tour, I felt like part of this big family of storm chasing fanatics and I loved it! Will I chase again, YES!! And who will I chase with? Really, do you need to ask? I highly recommend Silver Lining Tours, hands down!!