Rachel H.

As a long-time participant in the Silver Lining “Experience” I can honestly say that you can’t ask for a better troupe to chase with! In the years that I have chased with them, I have seen things that I couldn’t possibly have imagined seeing; large (VERY large) hail, gustnadoes galore, close-striking lightning, winds in excess of 70 miles per hour, exploding transformers, several tornadoes (yes, they DO exist…no matter how much driving is entailed to get one), rotating mesocyclones, intense updraft towers, and have come the closest I have ever dreamed of getting to a developing tornado without actually being sucked up by one. I have also snapped some of the most dramatic and beautiful “nature” photographs that I have ever taken. Perhaps the best thing, though, is that the information that Dave and his crew use to get info on the weather is made totally accessible to the participants. Be it from numerical models to up-to-the-minute radar images; it’s all readily available for viewing. The knowledge that I have gotten from them has allowed me to do some storm chasing on my own, and for a New York-based woman who began chasing without really realizing how intense, exhilarating and complicated it can be, I’d say that’s a testament to the tours’ ability to fully involve, engage and inform the participant. It’s an action-packed adventure that definitely rates a 5 on the Fun-jita scale.