Mary Machnica

As a photographer who is very into storms, I was looking for a Photography Storm chasing tour.  I was recommended by another photographer David Mayhew who is also a meteorologist to take Silver Lining Tours. I looked into them, and found that I needed to sign up early, since they sell out fast. I signed up the first day I could….. January 1st, 2018.  For a May 2019 Tour.
The time fast approached… I flew into Oklahoma, we all met for our informational meeting in the hotel the first night, preparing for the rest of the trip. I was the only women on the van besides Caryn. We set down guidelines… Back Of The Van!!!! LOL.
We hooked up with the rest of the tour, two other vans for the chase, but, if things were fizzling out, we in the photography van would break away, and look for Photogenic things to take pictures of… such as….the fizzling storm during sunset, an old abandoned house with great cloud structure or an amazing lightning storm at night…
Roger and Caryn are very professional, safety comes first. They are very genuine, and passionate about what they do. Their crew is the same way… I often heard them bouncing ideas back and forth where to head next. The drivers are not just drivers, but also experts in the field, and they are just as down to earth as Roger and Caryn…. With the same passion ….
Everything was great, from the vans with hook ups for our electronics, to the super nice hotels every night, to rotating positions in the van, making it fair for everyone!
I had a great time, I met a bunch of wonderful photographers, and a bunch of great people from all around the world…. I think 7 countries were represented on our tour.. I got a bunch of epic photographs, that I have printed …. Mounted…… and have sold.
I highly recommend Silver Lining Tours for all you Storm Chasing Junkies…. And if you are a Photographer, who want to add some amazing jaw dropping shots to your portfolio …. Silver Lining Tour is s MUST for you! You’ll get some amazing photographs…… and have an exhilarating time and meet some great people while getting them!!!
Check out Caryn’s amazing photos….
Here is the link for the photo’s I added to my website from the tour https://www.photosbymjm.com/p943368006 .
Thank you, Roger and Caryn, for the wonderful experience! Looking forward to signing up for the Monsoon Photography tour in the near future!!!