Dr Jason and Aman Nemitz

We cannot say enough fabulous things about Silver Linings Tour Groups and we have gone every year religiously since 2014! Little background info—I am the weather nerd and my husband was the good sport that wasn’t as interested in clouds…and, boy, did that change quickly with SLT! I did a lot of research prior to making a reservation and Roger’s group had the most votes of confidence about safety and comfort, understandably so, as we saw that in action immediately with their safety presentations prior to going on the road. Prior to our trip, Roger was so great about answering my many questions that I had about what to expect and even how to pack. We arrived and, much to my surprise, my non-weather-nerd husband was already so enthralled meeting fellow weather lovers and getting the educational piece on the weather. In fact, he was even ready to book the next reservation before we even saw our first storm! The accommodations have always been very nice and Roger works very hard to coordinate finding a nice hotel while on the road chasing storms. This is an art form coordinating all of this and Roger makes it look seamless. Roger is always available to answer questions along with the other drivers, some who are meteorologists. Roger’s enthusiasm is infectious—despite the fact that he has seen the most tornadoes in the world, his face lights up as if it is the first one that he has seen and he and his wife have such a passion for storms that always comes through. We have seen approximately 50 tornadoes and countless of beautiful supercells in our 6 years of attending. I can’t even properly describe our experiences as they have been so incredible and we count down the days to our trip every single year. Our favorite aspect about this trip is one that others find the most surprising—it is incredibly relaxing to disconnect from our busy lives and enjoy staring at the clouds with wonderful people from all around the world. We have never felt unsafe or in harm’s way in the 8 tours that we have attended and we have seen that safety is paramount with this group. Roger’s team is like a family—we see the same individuals every year whether it is tour attendees or the drivers and that is such a great reflection of how professional and well organized SLT is. We look forward to signing up every year that this group exists and we are so grateful for Roger and Caryn for bringing storm chasing into our lives!