Christoffer Bjorkwall

“I went with Silver Lining Tours in 2017 on my 7th season of storm chasing. As the founder of StormChasingUSA.com I test and compare storm chasing tour companies and this was the 6th tour company I chased with. I am certain there is no one in the world who has the same type of experience in being able to compare one tour company against another. So, when I say a tour company is great, I know for a fact it is great – and Silver Lining Tours ARE great!
A tour company, in my opinion, is only as good as its tour guide and Roger Hill is exceptional at what he is doing (https://www.stormchasingusa.com/blog/how-do-you-determine-the-skill-of-a-storm-chaser/). Just as no batter will hit every ball, neither will a storm chaser find the best storm on every occasion but experience is crucial and Roger has tons of it. I felt very confident that he would bring us to the best position on the best storm  of the day, know when we needed to be there and what could happen when we arrived. The subtle hints that preceded the Cope, CO, landspout fest was very subtle but Roger was confident it would be a great day long before we arrived to the storm. Being the first chasers on the storm and 5-6 tornadoes later he was proven right. This is the number one reason I really enjoyed chasing with Silver Lining Tours.
In addition to being able to find the storms (which is obviously the most important thing), Roger and his team knows how to handle, and service, a large group. The administrative part of running a tour, which is not to be neglected, was handled with great professionality. Roger is also a very likeable person and I loved hearing his exceptional storm chasing stories.
If you go with Silver Lining Tours you can feel confident that you will be well taken care of, you will get a great hit rate out of the storms during your tour and that there is an overally sense of quality over every part of your tour. If I would send my father for a storm chasing tour – SLT is the one I would choose.”

Check out Christoffer’s superb website at stormchasingusa.com