Will the area in which you chase during the tours be confined to the region around the meeting location?

Absolutely not! Once the first chase day dawns, we become itinerant for the remainder of your tour.We will take you to the area we think is most likely to experience tornado activity on any given day. We don’t care where this area is: you are paying money to see supercells and tornadoes and we will do whatever it takes within some reasonable space/time perimeter to make it happen, even if we have to travel to the Rio Grande River, the prairies of south-central Canada, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains or east to the Mississippi River. Silver Lining Tours will take you to the best place our substantial forecasting skills can identify. We are the first tour company to have chased storms in Canada, and we have never had any problems with border crossings. We’ve chased as far west as the Rocky Mountains, as far east as the Mississippi River Valley, as far south as the Rio Grande River Valley and very deep into the Canadian Prairies.