How many vans do you use on each tour?

It depends on how many participants are signed up for a given tour. Typically, we’ll have one to three highly customized 15-passenger vans. If you are not one who believes in the aphorism “the more, the merrier”, then we encourage you to ask about being directed to one of our many offerings that will be limited to no more than two vans, a situation that we will gladly inform you about. .

Once a tour is filled, it stays filled unless a cancellation occurs. It is also appropriate to note that we have become very adept at operating with 2 – 3 vans, including mastering the art of van customization. We have installed a communications system for van-to-van communications. This system allows everyone in each vehicle to hear the tour leader without the need for CB radios. Ham radio is used to monitor spotter and National Weather Service frequencies. It is also available to convey emergency information to the proper officials.