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June 12th, 2000 Grand Forks, ND Tornadic Supercell

After a fun tornadic supercell near Bismarck, ND the day before, June 12th turned out to be a day not soon forgotten. We stayed around the Bismarck area until shortly after noon watching and waiting. We noticed on a satellite pic that congestus was forming on a nice convergence boundary from west of Grand Forks to near Jamestown. So off we went, to get into position for our first storm of the day, and what a storm it was. We arrived near the Larimore, North Dakota area around 6:30 PM as a possible tornado touched down along a wall cloud/updraft just to our northwest. Power flashes confirmed something under this wall cloud.

The first storm weakened so we headed east on Grand Forks county road 6 to road 3 and watched a nice elephant’s trunk tornado form about 2 miles east of us. This only lasted for about 5 minutes then dissipated at 7:48 PM. We decided to get in front of this supercell and shoot some structure photos, and WOW! What a mothership storm!!!!