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August 7th, 2007 Colorado Severe Storms

August 7th was a set up where there was little shear, but good moisture and instability. Flow was weak, but enough to push storms that developed off the mountains eastward onto the plains. A line of storms developed from outflow boundaries originating with the mountain storms. These storms congealed into a wind machine as the marched across eastern Colorado into western Kansas. They produced marginal hail, winds to 75 mph, and awesome lightning.

July 29-August 6th, 2007 Colorado Pulse Storms

The first week of August brought good monsoon moisture to Colorado. Good instability, reasonable dewpoints, but weak flow aloft , would cause intense pulse type storms to develop, some severe with large hail and high winds throughout the eastern plains of Colorado. Due to the higher bases on these storms, gorgeous lightning displays filled the skies after dark.